Deli & Coffee

Deli & Coffee

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The Deli

We have an amazing range of delicious traditional Italian food and drink for you to choose from, so you can enjoy the taste of Italy in your own home! From delicious traditional Italian cooked meats, authentic desserts and drinks – we have something for all tastes.


Sometimes you just fancy a beautiful freshly roast and ground coffee – we stock Manuel Caffè; fine Italian beans roasted, ground and tampered to absolute perfection. Try one of our lattes with a fresh Cannoli – a classic Sicilian pastry. The two are a marriage made in heaven!

Ice Cream

Italy is famous for its Ice Cream, so why not try some of our fabulous selection?  Whether is is simply a treat, or to finish off a delicious meal in our restaurant, there is always room for Ice Cream! We’ve got a variety of flavours that are sure to put a smile on your face.